April 20, 2020


To the Members of North Heights,

With the uncertainty of the COVID-19 Coronavirus and ever-changing CDC guidelines and government restrictions, the North Heights Council of Elders has made the decision, after much prayer, consideration and discussion, to reschedule the Town Hall Informational Meeting and Annual Meeting for August 2020. The Council unanimously agreed that it would be prudent to move out these important events by three months instead of continually pushing the meetings back week to week. It is our hope that we will be meeting publicly and safely again by August.

The Town Hall Informational Meeting will be scheduled in advance of the Annual Meeting.

The following resolution was unanimously approved by the Council of Elders at a Special meeting held on April 15, 2020:

Resolution Regarding Annual Meeting

Whereas the Annual Meeting of the church has historically been held in May,

Whereas present and expected governmental regulations adopted because of the Coronavirus prevent holding an Annual Meeting of our church body as previously scheduled, whereas Minnesota Statue 317A.431 allows Annual Meetings to be held as much as fifteen (15) months apart,

Whereas notice of the date and time of any Annual Meeting needs to be given in such a manner and far enough in advance of such meeting as to allow a quorum of members to attend said meeting;

Whereas it is necessary for our church corporate body to continue to function effectively until the 2020 Annual Meeting can be held; and

Whereas it is necessary for said body to operate within a budget until such time as the 2020 meeting can be held.

Now therefore be it resolved as following:

  1. The annual budget for the 2020 – 2021 fiscal year shall be set at the sum approved by the congregation for the 2019 – 2020 fiscal year until such time as the 2020 Annual Meeting is held and the congregation can consider and act on any proposed alternative budget for 20-21.
  2. The persons currently serving as Elders whose terms are scheduled to expire May 31, 2020 shall continue to serve their capacity as Elders until the 2020 Annual Meeting is held; and
  3. The administration is given authority to schedule the 2020 Annual Meeting for such time before August 19, 2020 as it is able within governmental rules and regulations.

The North Heights Council of Elders