Celebrate Dance Academy 

Celebrate Dance Academy is a Christian values-based dance academy offering tap, jazz, ballet, pointe, creative movement, hip hop, modern, contemporary, art and faith, and musical theatre. Dancers (age 3–adult) are challenged to be artistically excellent, supported to be spiritually grounded, and released to be creative leaders.

Our desire is to cultivate artists to move with excellence in their technique, to have a heart of worship, and to create with integrity. We believe each dancer has their own unique characteristics and creativity and we provide an atmosphere where they are valued and encouraged to share their own artistry.
2019-2020 Class Schedule Arden Hills
2019-2020 Class Schedule Roseville

Summer Classes

Dance with us this summer! Whether you are new to dance, looking to try a style you've never danced before or you're a seasoned pro, we have a place for you. Summer classes range from workshops to full-week camps in various styles such as ballet, tap, modern, art & faith, pilates, and musical theatre. For dancers age 3–adult.


Dance Class Descriptions

Tap An exciting, rhythmic dance form that is uniquely an American dance style. Dancers will learn this technique and explore musicality, rhythm,
accents, and timing.

Jazz Dancers will learn traditional jazz technique with barre and center exercises. They will improve their strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination. Dancers will also explore improvisation and expression through musicality.

Hip Hop Dancers will learn the basics of Hip Hop like popping, locking, and find contrast between smooth and accented street-styled dance movement.

Creative Movement Preschoolers will learn basic dance steps, follow-along group dances, how to find the beat of the music, and use of props to match movement with music.

Ballet Dancers will learn classical ballet technique with barre and center exercises. They will improve their strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination.

Pointe These classes are for intermediate and advanced dancers by instructor permission only. Classical pointe technique, as well as strength and conditioning exercises will be taught. Tricks, Jumps, and Turns
This is a high energy class that will help dancers expand their range and technique! (No recital dance)

Modern An expressive style of dance which has its roots in ballet.. Dancers will explore range of motion through exploration of movement concepts like rise /fall, and contract/release through floor work, center phrases, and across the floor. Dancers will gain improvisation skills, partnering, and also create based on their own unique artistry.

Musical Theatre Dance This class will be a survey of musical theatre dance jazz. Dancers will gain stage presence, confidence, and creativity as they explore dancing, acting, and singing.

Contemporary An eclectic and evolving dance style incorporating elements of ballet, modern, and jazz. Contemporary dancers are very expressive and learn how to tell a story through their movements!

Hippity Hop An exciting class offering perfect for energetic boys and girls! Boys and girls ages 4-6 will learn hip hop, jazz, and tumbling basics in a colorful and upbeat environment.

Dance & Worship Through ballet technique and a focus on worship, dancers will explore how dance
and faith intersect!

Pilates An exercise system to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, and improve overall health. This class is suitable for a variety of skill levels.


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Artistic Director: Sarah Pieper (Johnson)
Managing Director: Mary Smith
Financial Manager: Carrie Josephson