What is the Holy Spirit? Is the Holy Spirit active in your life? Our theme this year is Empowered – Equipped. Be encouraged, challenged, and built up by learning more about the role that the Holy Spirit plays in our individual lives and the life of the church. Do we realize the power God has given His children? Do we walk in that power on a daily basis?


Hearing the Voice of God—Paul Anderson
Hearing the Voice of God: Listening for Myself & Others—Paul Anderson
Open the Ears of My Heart—Paul Anderson

Are You Ready to Make an Impact?—Jim Anderson
A Positive & Proper Understanding of Christian Citizenship—Jim Anderson

Equipping for Emotional Healing Prayer—Debbie Klaver & Tasse Swanson
Healing Do's & Don'ts—Debbie Klaver & Tasse Swanson
How to Pray For Emotional Healing—Debbie Klaver & Tasse Swanson
Gifts & Qualities of Those Called to Healing Ministry—Debbie Klaver & Tasse Swanson
Role of a Prayer Minister—Debbie Klaver & Tasse Swanson
Follow-up Opportunities—Debbie Klaver & Tasse Swanson

Manifestation Gifts—Fred Thoni

Post-Ministry Prayer