North Heights Virtual Choir

Come join together as a worshiping community and proclaim the greatness of our God!
All are invited and encouraged to participate.

Submissions due by 8pm on Wednesday, May 20

You’ll need:

  • Two separate devices: 
    • One device that can record video, such as a cell phone, tablet, or computer with a webcam
    • One device that can access the internet and connect to headphones 
  • A pair of headphones or earbuds to listen to the music so you can worship along with us

5 simple steps:

  1. On the device you are NOT recording with, plug in your headphones and go to NorthHeights.Church/VirtualChoir

  2. With your second device, open up a camera app and press record. Make sure we can see your smiling face!
  3. Play the video on the website, following the short instructions (clapping) at the beginning and record yourself worshiping.
  4. When you’re done, send us your video. Be sure to include your name and follow the instructions below. We’ll send you a response once we’ve received your video.
    1. If you recorded on an Apple product (iPhone, iPad, Mac), email your video to If you receive a prompt, select MailDrop or iCloud Link. Or, you can text your video to Matt Timm at 419-346-6720.
    2. If you recorded on a non-Apple product, email your video to If you receive a message about size restrictions, you will need to use an upload service such as Google Drive or Dropbox to send the file.

Spread the word to family and friends!


  1. Send in your video by Wednesday, May 20 at 8pm. We want to make sure we have time to put the video together and showcase all who participate.
  2. HAVE FUN! This doesn’t need to be a serious production or take lots of time. 
  3. Feel free to record vertically (portrait) or horizontally (landscape).
  4. For those of you who can read music, download the sheet music. If you are comfortable with singing parts, have a go at it.


Need help? Contact Matt Timm and leave your name and contact information.




Submit your video by Wednesday, May 20 at 8pm