Give to North Heights

There are a number of giving options you can support North Heights Lutheran Church: Mail a Check, Give Online, Give by TextCash Giving and Planned Giving.

Mail a Check

If you would like to give by a check, address your check to "North Heights Lutheran Church" and mail to:

North Heights Lutheran Church
1700 West Highway 96
Arden Hills, MN 55112

Give Online

It is easy and secure to give online, schedule your giving, create an account, and give quickly. Your contribution history is available through our secure MyNHLC website.

  1. Click the "Give Online" button below
  2. Choose the "Give Now" or "Create an Account" tab. When you "Create an Account" your giving will be linked with your database record within a few days
  3. Choose where you would like your giving to go: General Fund, Christian Education, etc.
  4. After you indicate your giving amount, you will be prompted to enter your credit card information

Other ways to Give online

Simply Giving

Simply Giving is a way for you to make donations through a pre-authorized withdrawal from your bank account. This can be done on a weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly frequency.

  1. Fill out the authorization form at Simply Giving.
  2. Mail the authorization to: Luann Pheneger, North Heights Lutheran Church, 1700 W Hwy 96, Arden Hills, MN 55112. 

Matching funds

Matching gifts are a type of corporate philanthropy that allows donors giving smaller donations the opportunity to maximize the impact of their donation on an organization.

In a matching gifts program, a company donates to a nonprofit organization in response to one of their employees giving a gift.

These gifts can range in maximum size and ratio, but many companies will match an employee’s donation at a 1:1 ratio. 

Give the gift of Christian Education

Give the Gift of Christian Education is a fund created to encourage students and their families to receive a Christian Education and increase enrollment at North Heights Christian Academy.

  1. Click the "Give Online" button below
  2. Use the pull down menu to select "NHCA-Give the Gift of Christian Education"
  3. Enter your giving amount
  4. After you indicate your giving amount, you will be prompted to enter your credit card information

Give By Text

  1. Send a text message to 612-255-4541
  2. The first time you give by text, you will be prompted with a one-time registration screen
  3. Save 612-255-4541 to your phone’s contact list for easy access
  4. Simply text subsequent donation amounts to 612-255-4541

To change the account information associated with your phone number:

  1. Text "Reset" to 612-255-4541
  2. Text "Help" with questions

Cash giving

Offering envelopes help us track cash gifts for financial records and for the year-end giving statement. If giving with a check, you do not need envelopes. Blank envelopes are available at each worship site—simply write your name and your current address on the envelope.

If giving by check, you can also mail to:

North Heights Lutheran Church
1700 West Highway 96
Arden Hills, MN 55112

To request offering envelopes, to stop getting them, or to change a name or address, contact Luann Pheneger or 651-797-7825.  


Offers donors simplicity, freedom, and tax benefits in managing charitable donations on behalf of an individual or family. It’s like your very own family foundation as you can determine how, when and where funds are distributed in a lump sum or over time. You receive an upfront tax deduction, no-cost setup, minimal paperwork, and minimal maintenance requirements. The donor Advised Fund is one of the fastest-growing charitable giving tools. 

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA'S)

Americans age 72 or older can make direct transfers up to $100,000 from Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) to charitable organizations.

Once you reach 72, you are required to take minimum distributions from your retirement plans each year, according to a federal formula. IRA rollovers to charity count toward your minimum required distribution.

Those who face donation limits based on income will also appreciate the rollover. Usually, you cannot donate more than 50% of your adjusted gross income (and sometimes you are limited to 20-30%). However, when the money goes directly from your IRA to North Heights Lutheran Church as a qualified charitable distribution, it is not counted against that limit, because it is not counted in your gross income.

If you are someone who usually gives up to half of your adjusted gross income, you can now give up to $100,000 more from your IRA. This could enable you to avoid paying a substantial amount of money in federal income tax on IRA distributions. No charitable tax deduction is allowed because these IRA transfers involve assets that have never been taxed.

How to make IRA transfers to North Heights Lutheran Church
To qualify for the IRA charitable transfer, the gift must come directly from your IRA administrator, should be made payable to North Heights Lutheran Church, and mailed to: North Heights Lutheran Church, 1700 W Hwy 96, Arden Hills, MN 55112.

Ask your IRA administrator to include your name and gift designation in the accompanying documentation. You may designate an unrestricted gift to North Heights Lutheran Church or specify a program or project authorized by the church. If giving to a specific area, include that information with your gift. 

Sample IRA letter»


Gifts of long-term stock (stock owned for more than one year) and other securities are a popular way to give to North Heights Lutheran Church. Gifts of securities include publicly traded stocks, gifts of mutual funds, Treasury bills and notes, corporate and municipal bonds, and stock in non-publicly held companies. It’s extremely easy to give stocks and other securities that are marketable—that is, are sold to the public on stock exchanges or over-the-counter markets. No matter how large the donation, there is no need to obtain an appraisal. The value is simply based on what the stock or other security sell for on the exchange on the day of the donation (the average price between the highest and lowest quoted selling prices on the donation day is used). 

The gifting of stock to your church can have unique requirements. For assistance please contact Luann Pheneger at 651-797-7825 or email: Luann Pheneger.

For Donor Advised Funds and IRA Distributions you can also contact Orlando Logelin at 651-230-8034 or email: Orlando Logelin.

Stock Donation Form»

Planned Giving

Leaving a Legacy Through Your Will

Giving to North Heights Lutheran Church when you die is easy and there are different ways to complete your gift: a fixed sum of money, a named item, or a percentage of your assets after the beneficiaries have been taken care of.

When you create your last will and testament, more often than not your first priority is your family. However, in many cases, people would also like to leave a gift to a favorite charity or their church.

If your wishes are to leave a legacy (a gift in a will) to North Heights, there are typically three types: a fixed sum, a specific legacy, and a residuary legacy.

A fixed sum of money
This is simply the gift of a fixed sum of money in your will. 

Specific Legacy
A specific legacy is the gift of a named item in your will. Typically, it's an item of value such as a savings account, pension plan assets, securities, an insurance policy or real estate. Leaving a specific legacy can be as simple as the inclusion of a sentence that clearly defines your gift, and identifies your church. Keep in mind that the item you are gifting must be in your possession at the time of your death.

A Residuary Legacy
A residuary legacy is leaving all, or a percentage of, the remainder of your estate to North Heights once all other gifts to your beneficiaries (such as to family and friends), outstanding taxes, and other commitments have been taken into account and distributed. Basically, it means that you can leave a set proportion of your estate to charity after other beneficiaries have been taken care of.

If you have already made a will but now want to leave a legacy to North Heights Lutheran Church, you can make an addition or changes without having to rewrite your current will. This addition is called a codicil, and your estate planning attorney can advise you on how to add this to your existing will. 

North Heights can assist you with more information about setting up a will. More info»

Leaving a Legacy Through Your Charitable Trust

A Charitable Remainder Trust is an extremely popular option that allows you to receive income payments for you and your family while enjoying immediate tax benefits. At the completion of the trust, you will have the joy of giving to the ministry of your choice.

How It Works
To establish a Charitable Remainder Trust, assets are transferred to the trust and managed by a trustee, who, in turn, pays you income according to the terms of the trust. You can receive lifetime income payments for yourself and a spouse, and up to 20 years to third parties, such as children. Upon completion of the trust’s term, the remainder of the trust’s principal is transferred to the ministry of your choice.

Assets You May Give
A Charitable Remainder Trust is an excellent alternative to an outright sale of appreciated securities, real estate or other marketable assets due to its charitable and capital gain tax benefits, but it can also be funded with cash. The funding of the trust creates an immediate charitable tax deduction, and property sold through the trust avoids imposition of upfront capital gains. 

Leaving a Legacy through Life Insurance

Gifting of life insurance can be an excellent method of leaving a legacy to North Heights Lutheran Church. There are various options available such as:

  1. Make an absolute assignment (gift) of a life insurance policy currently owned and receive a current income tax deduction.
  2. Assign the annual dividends from existing policy to your church. This eliminates out-of-pocket contributions, yet still creates a deduction as dividends are paid.
  3. Name a North Heights as the primary or contingent beneficiary of an existing or new life insurance policy

Leaving a Legacy Through Your Retirement Plan or your Qualified Pension Plan

Qualified and non-qualified retirement plans are one of the best assets to give to your church because they are exceptionally inefficient in passing wealth to heirs. This is due to the fact that your heirs face both income and estate tax, in some cases leaving very little of the asset for the remaining heirs. Wise planning may be choosing to give the retirement plans directly to North Heights and designate other after-tax assets to your heirs. North Heights receives the total gift, free from tax penalties, and the heirs may receive more than they would have if the donor attempted to pass the retirement plan assets directly to them.

Creating a giving plan is not only a smart financial choice—it’s also a way to provide for your loved ones and bless your church and the favored charities God has placed on your heart. We can assist you create a custom planned giving strategy that will fit your unique needs and circumstances. For Planned Giving please call Orlando Logelin at 651-230-8034 or email: Orlando Logelin.

Disclaimer: All information offered regarding leaving your legacy is not intended to provide legal or tax advice. It is advisable to consult with your estate planning attorney or other legal professional regarding changes and/or updates to your giving documents